…we are creating new networks of knowledge … linking concepts to one another in startling ways … building up amazing hierarchies of inference … spawning new theories, hypotheses, and images, based on novel assumptions, new languages, codes, and logics. Businesses, governments, and individuals are collecting and storing more sheer data than any previous generation in history (creating a massive, confusing gold mine for tomorrow’s historians.) But more important, we are interrelating data in more ways, giving them context, and thus forming them into information; and we are assembling chunks of information into larger and larger models and architectures of knowledge. Not all this new knowledge is factual or even explicit. Much knowledge, as the term is used here, is unspoken, consisting of assumptions piled atop assumptions, of fragmentary models, of unnoticed analogies, and it includes not simply logical and seemingly unemotional information data, but values, the products of passion and emotion, not to mention imagination and intuition. It is today’s gigantic upheaval in the knowledge base of society — not computer hype or mere financial manipulation — that explains the rise of a super-symbolic economy.Alvin Toffler - The Powershift

Organizational development that covers recruitment and assessment of executive level and training them in leadership to equip them for higher positions. This process includes development of cognitive (thinking, idea generation, and decision making), behavioral (choosing appropriate attitudes and values), and environmental (suiting management style to the situation) skills.

Management Development Services

Position Recruitment

  • fitting within management team performance profiles
  • aligning with organization values and culture
  • assessing  the appropriate motivation and competences

Performance Assessment

  • Complete Accountability
  • High Motivation
  • Sense of Business Direction
  • External Orientation
  • Capabilities & Skills
  • Personal Values & Organisation Culture
  • Leadership
  • Coordination & Control
  • Innovation & Learning

Skills Training

  • development of cognitive (thinking, idea generation, and decision making)
  • behavioral (choosing appropriate attitudes and values)
  • environmental (suiting management style to the situation)

Communication & Campaigns

  • strategy modeling
  • communicators profiling and coaching
  • creative services (messages, images, copy, scripts etc)
  • communication tool-kits and templates
  • feedback