CoEvolve is an NGO specialized in human excellence research, development & education, based in Bucharest. The president, Monica Panea has Master in Law, she is a certified deBono Thinking Systems trainer, SNLP Master Practitioner, Value Systems Questionnaire Trainer and Consultant, Inventory of Work Attitude & Motivation Consultant. The vice-president, Ovidiu Panea is senior partner at Applied Modeling Performance dept. of Coevolve Human Excellence Institute, member of International Trainers Academy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, senior motivation analyst, and human excellence modeling consultant.



Smartlink Communications is a strategic communications company, based in Bucharest, with clients around the world. Its CEO, Radu Magdin, is a former advisor to the Romanian Prime Minister, as well as a PhD student on propaganda at Romania‘s National School of Political and Administrative Studies. He is a well known political analyst and consultant in Romania, quoted by media worldwide. He is passionate for human power, strategy and communications.

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