1. THE SERVICE: What do you want to offer?

“What do you excel at? What are your hest skills?”

“What is your niche? Where do you want to focus?”

“What do you do that people are eager to pay for?”

Action Step: Create a list of the specific products you’ll offer, including features and pricing for each one. Try to create a range of price points people can start at, and chart the ways you could up-sell your customers to other related services.

2. THE TARGET: Who will you serve?

“Who is already attracted to me and sees me as a resource?”

“Who am 1 drawn to and want to coach?”

“Who needs the services I have to offer?”

Action Step: Create a profile of your ideal client: age, needs, life stage, gender, profession , and whatever else is relevant. Then list five places where your target audience congregates where you could connect with them.

3. KEYS TO DISTINCTIVENESS: Why would they want your services? What are their wants/need?

“What are their felt wants/needs?”

“What distinguishes you or makes you credible in their eyes in that area?”

“How does what you do meet those needs?

How will your service benefit them?”

Action Step: Make a list of the top five reasons your target audience would buy from you. Then find a way to test your thinking with some representative individuals to make sure it is valid.

4. THE PITCH: How will get your message across?

“How will people find out about you?”

“How will they learn enough about you to want to choose you?”

“How will you follow up? What will you soy to prospects to tum them into voters/communicators?”

… Action Step: Create a basic strategy for getting your message to your target audience (advertising, networking, referrals, speaking, etc). Write out your plan.

5. THE PLAN: When will you start?

What is my plan of action?”

“What do I need to do first?”

“When willI start designing my practice?

By when will I have lunched it?”

Action Step: Develop an action plan that lays out step-by-step how you’ll use this strategy to launch your practice. Put target dates by the phases of your launch process.