Power Campaign Consultancy
  • Self-sustainable strategy modeling: modelare si simulare de strategie complexe autosustenabile 
  • Macro national strategy building and localisation: strategie politica macro, in plan national, precum si personalizare in plan local.
  • Political candidates profiling & evaluation: evaluare/profiling candidati la nivelul valorilor sociale (VSQ), motivatiei, atitudinii (iWAM) si competentelor de leadership/management (Lominger Management skills extended)


  • Creation & communication support planning for internal messages: comunicare interna, pentru organizatii locale, si in cadrul organizatiei centrale.
  • Creation & communication support planning for external messages: media (punctaje pentru emisiuni, conferinte de presa + strategie/ planning media) si social media (diseminare mesaje catre varii audiente).
  • Creative, press, visuals, scripts  radio and film.

  • Customized performance & leadership coaching: coaching personalizat bazat pe profilarea performantei, pentru executive management, team leaders si administratie.
  • Job profiling, job description, Critical Success Factor (CSF) assessment & KPI definition: profilare , job description, identificare si calibrare  CSF si Key Performance Indicators (KPI) masurabili pentru functii executive din campanie sau adminstrative la nivel national/local.
  • Neuro-marketing, persuasion engineering & pragmatics in communication: tehnici, modele si abilitati de comunicare verbala (pragmatica) si nonverbala si elemente de neuromarketing si comunicare persuasiva.
  • Flow training (M. Csikszentmihalyi)
  • Storytelling, emotional communication and public speaking skills: tehnica naratiunii, comunicare emotionala si public speaking 
  • Re-framing & state management in provocative dialogue: tehnici de reframing si management de stare in comunicarea provocativa.
  • Training /coaching  for communicators & leader opinions (vectors): Training /coaching pentru comunicatori si vectori de imagine
  • Creative thinking and excellence training: Training pentru gandire creativa /divergenta (deBono Lateral Thinking extended) si excelenta disruptiva (Tom Peters)
  • Conflict mediation and alignment coaching in challenging environment: mediere de conflicte interne/externe in planul valorilor, motivatiei si atitudinii si coaching pentru aliniere la strategia si tactica nationala
  • Effective & efficient meeting facilitation services: Servicii de facilitare si eficienta in meeting (deBono STH extended)
  • Performance group modeling: identificare si creatie de modele de performanta de grup (contrastive analysis modeling) bazat pe KPI si iWAM.
  • Team building, performance team building si XTeam building (prof. Ancona – Mit Sloan School of Management)

  • Communication core messages toolkit
  • Election day kit
  • Media kit (TV, press, radio) local/national
  • Social networks kit.
  • Field action kit
  • Local/national messaging/brand identity kit
  • Campaign processes/procedures and inter-relations kit
  • Illegal/noncompetitive practices kit
  • Subversive/deceiving /sabotage PROTECTION & quick reaction kit.

  • Learned lessons
  • Feedback documents
  • Upgrading plan: Caiet de lectii invate si feedback general post-campanii.


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