100 skills

In present time each true Power Leader plays different roles in different environments. We expose, describe, assess  and cluster the existence of such competences for the 21 st century leader: a workbook +more.


Flexible Communication,  Adapted Messages, Emotional Intelligence, Unconscious Competence, Power Linguistics here are some of the 50 stretching points a PowerLeader is leaping out of the comfort zone: a workbook +more.

flat Flow

What are the missing links between human and financial performance? How to measure contemporary success? How the structure of a successful organization works? Nuts and bolts of a the future (present) leaders’ organization: flat, accountable, free, flexible… a workbook +more.

building PL

What Power Leader  do? What are their strategies? What do they believe in?  And essential competences? A step by step workbook to build The PowerLeader:  + more.

X Team

Team building is dead. Performance team building is old news. Because of results. What’s the neXt step? FleXible, eXternal oriented, completely multi-role,  aligned, etc. The XTeam Building changes the paradigm of success: a workbook +more.


What are the main drives that lead to excellence? How to measure them? How to  model and improve them? And how to use them to skyrocket performance: a workbook + more.



Across the globe. meeting with extraordinary leaders we have asked 8 questions about,  values, skills, goals, interactions, messages, people, education and the future.


We move things, construct words and change people. At personal level , family level , community or government level. Consciously or just just unintentionally.  Hacking over the internet or during a political campaign, inside of a corporate indoctrination or within a family dogma, manipulation is neither an evil nor a saint. How this transformation of reality can ecologically and self sustainable  free our future evolution. In the Lamarkian spirit.


Lying is a part  of human perception process of reality. That’s the way we perceive and represent internally the world. And again the way we partially communicate our dreams, interests, goals and values. We professionally are hardwired to deceive. And we are hardwired to detect the subjective alteration of  reality.  A book about  basic principles, techniques and professional skills of deceiving and detecting deception.


Despite “political correctness”  the women’s access to deeply masculine settlements is most often a forbidden road. Pheromones and historical “macho” habits  block any real chance of the Venusian to land on Mars. Yet a  cognitive behavioral breakthrough the  fairer sex can be part of the club.  Models and techniques of women being top political leaders, corporate executives (banking, marketing, media, IT) and famous social activists.
A realistic book on how to break the exclusive sanctuary of men and  be accepted as “a man” … without lose anything of your deep femininity.
    And last but not least an online and one on one coaching support for successful women personal development.